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same behavior of the muscles ; we can produce the same ex- perimentally not only by interrupting the supply of blood, but also by heat and cold, over-exertion, mechanical injuries and chemical agents, but most rapidly by distilled water. " Numerous investigations, of which we owe the latest and most exhaustive to "W". Kiihne, have left no doubt con- cerning this, that this stiffening of the muscular fibre depends upon the separation of a solid albuminate Indocin Sr 75 from the muscular Indocin Headache juice. This coagulum (myosin Indocin 25mg e, Kiihne) forms a white but Order Indocin slightly transparent mass, and thence Indocin High causes a striking opal- escence of the stiffened muscular fibres, which is conjoined with a discoloration verging upon brown. " Kigor mortis is indeed the first step toward death, but a step which can be again recalled. AVe can very readily pro- duce rigor mortis of the thigh of a frog, by tying the afferent arteries, and see the normal condition return by removing Indocin Iv the ligature." BIBLIOGEAPHICAL AND LITEEAEY NOTES. 401 The author needlessly apologizes for the somewhat the- rapeutical character of the section on the resolution of inter- stitial inflammation, which is so very suggestive that we here reproduce it entire : " It is manifest that, if, by our medical skill, we could suc- ceed in removing again the cells which have wandered into an inflamed organ, this organ would return to the same con- dition in which it was before the inflammation, provided we deduct the modification of the connective-tissue fibres men tioned in the previous paragraph, which meanwhile would likewise soon disappear. The question of the possibility of a resolution of inflammation, and the means of inducing the same, has therefore a highly practical interest. It might at first occur to us to send away the cells in the same way by which they came, that is to say, to let them wander farther. In this sense moist heat is applied with advantage. Exal- tation of temperature also accelerates, as is known, the move- ments Indocin Suppository of amoeboid cells. "Where, therefore, the inflammatory infiltration is not great, and the inflammatory irritant does not continue to act, one may hope, by locally increasing Indocin 25 Mg the temperature, to diffuse the already present wandering cells over a greater space, and gradually to convey them into the lymphatics. A second mode of resolution of existing inflam- matory infiltration becomes possible by the fatty Generic Indocin degeneration of the cellular elements. We saw above, how fatty degenera- tion converts all kinds of cells into a milk-like detritus, of whose immediate resorption Indocin Pda naturally no hinderances stand in the way. The presence of abundant amounts of fluid in the inflammatory focus appears to be a decided condition for the commencement of fatty Indocin Suppositories 100mg degeneration. Busche has made the interesting experience [sic] that, under the influence of ery- sipelas, massy sarcomatous proliferations disintegrated, and I have most certainly convinced myself, in one of his cases, that the sarcoma-cells thereby fall into fatty degeneration. Heat would also be an appropriate remedy for keeping down a last- ing hypersemia of this kind. In spite of this double indication, the moment of time must be exactly considered in which one may pass from the cold to the warm treatment of an inflamma- tion. The object of the cold treatment is, by Indocin Injection an artificially- 26 402 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL AISTD LITEEAEY KOTES. induced contraction of the vessels principally to restrain ex- ndation, with reference to prohibiting the further emigration of colorless blood-corpuscles. We would only pass to the use of warmth, either when this indication has been fulfilled, or when Indocin Vs Ibuprofen it can no longer be fulfilled ; for it is evident that heat is a two-edged sword. Who will be surety that, instead of a dispersion of the exudation, which indeed we would first of all desire, a stronger concentration of mobile cells shall not occur at the heated point, that is to say, suppuration and formation of abscess ? A certain amount of heat evidently acts dispers- ing ; a higher degree irritating to the Buy Indocin process of inflammation : the former causes the already exuded colorless blood-coi-puscles to wander farther ; the latter causes the process of emigration to renew itself, and it increases in intensity." In addition to the points which we have thus briefly men- tioned, we would especially commend to the reader's attention the author's remarks on the dijscrasiG conditions, embracing the consideration of the blood as an organ / on the pathologi- cal processes involved in the various elementary lesions of the sTcin J on tiiberculosis ; on Indocin Suppositories inflammatory affections of the kid- ney ; and on cystic disease of the ovary. Dr. Eindfleisch's work is the result of laborious investiga- tion and compilation. As a treatise, it appeals more directly Indocin For Pda to the professed investigator than to the general student of medicine. Pathological histology is, at best, hard reading for the majority of busy, practical men, and it is therefore to be so much the more regretted that the translators of this work should not have given us at least good English. As it is, the French text of Cornil and Ranvier is to us much Indocin And Ibuprofen more tempt- ing than this badly-translated German. We feel under obli- gation to them, however, for introducing the work, even in its present shape, to the English-speaking profession. The book is in every Indocin Tablets way creditable to the publishers, being well printed on good paper, well illustrated, and well bound. Announcements. — Messrs. Lindsay & Blakiston, Philadel- phia, have the following books in preparation: A Manual of Dental Mechanics, Indocin Generic by Oakley Coles; Club-Foot: its

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