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probable that, in a strictly-limited local disease of the cere- brum, any thing more serious than a moderate diminution of power in the intellectual faculties is seldom noticed. Dementia and imbecility are the predominant features in the insanity connected with deranged motility. All the cases, indeed, are not clearly of this type, although it may be doubted whether a certain amount of mental impairment is not always present. Still, it is often so mingled with melancholia or delu- sion that the latter may be the most striking characteristic of the case. Attacks of mania and violence are not uncommon, but they rarely or never constitute the whole of a case. The memory is very generally affected, and usually out of propor- tion to the gravity of the other symptoms. Many cases are marked by the partial character of this loss of memory, which is sometimes confined to single trains of thought, and some- times consists only in the inability to retain in the mind the names of particular objects. Many very striking examples of this sort are given in the standard works on cerebral diseases. Another special feature of this class of cases is frequent and peculiar disturbance of the emotional nature. In very many cases the power of control over the outward expression of emotions seems to be lost, which gives the impression at first sight of a great increase in the susceptibility and strength of the emotions themselves. Such patients, for instance, laugh and cry inordinately upon occasions, which to others are 380 PEACTICAL EELATIONS OF MOEBID simply provocative of a Buy Ziprasidone Online slight tendency to mirth or sorrow. As it is rather the expression of feeling that has become nn- controllable, than an exaggeration Buy Cheap Ziprasidone of the sentiments them- selves, such patients often display more practical soimdness in their conduct and mode of life than is expected by casual ob- servers of them. Unnatural irritability of temper, irascibility, and intensity of love and hate are not unfrequently observed, Buy Geodon but here too it would seem as if the power of the will to con- trol the manifestation of these feelings, so as to make them accord with conventional usage, was often lost, rather than that the feelings were intensified. "Whether this abnormal condition of the emotional nature Order Ziprasidone is sufficiently marked to im- Purchase Ziprasidone Online pair the legality of the acts of the Generic Ziprasidone individual, becomes often one of the most difficult points suggested to the consideration of the psychologist. It would scarcely be within the limits of this paper to dis- cuss the question, whether there is an emotional part of the mind distinct from the intellectual, whetlier there are distinct portions of the brain devoted to the emotions and to the intel- lect, or whether one can be so divorced from the other that the one may become insane while the other remains sane. For the present inquiry it is enough to say that such a separation seems irreconcilable with either sound philosophy or scientific pathology. That there are cases in which dis- ordered feelings and emotions are the prominent features of the disease is undeniable, but a strict scrutiny will invariably determine that, although there may be no hallucination, illu- sion, or delusion, yet that the intellectual activity and power are notably affected ; and the demonstration of this in a clear manner in each case becomes the special task of the medical examiner. Dr. Maudsley says, in speaking of this class of cases : " As, however, feeling is more fundamental than cogni- tion, the intellectual activity cannot be entirely unaffected, though there certainly may Purchase Geodon not be any positive Buy Ziprasidone delusion ; the whole manner of thinking and reasoning is tainted by the morbid self-feeling, through which it is secondarily aftected. The patient may judge correctly of the relations of external objects and events, and may reason very acutely with regard to them, but no sooner is self deeply concerned, his real nature touched to the quick, than he displays in his reasoning the - J MOTOR AND PSYCHICAL SYMPTOMS. 381 vicious iufliience of his morbid feelings, and an answering per- version of conduct : he cannot truly realize his relations, and his whole manner of thought, feeling, and conduct in regard to himself is more or less false." The special forms of disordered motility, and the frequency of Order Geodon their association with disordered mind, remain to he con- sidered. They are of two classes. Motility may be morbidly diminished or morbidly increased. The forms of impaired motility will fii*st be considered, and in the order of their fre- quency of connection with morbid mental phenomena. Greneral Paralysis. — This striking form of disease, now well understood and clearly defined, stands alone in the fact that the coexistence of mental and motor disorder is a constant oc- currence, not an accidental or occasional circumstance, in other forms of paralysis mental aberration being either more or less frequent or always absent ; and in tliis particular it illustrates well the rule that, where the cerebral disease caus- ing the abnormal motility is diffuse, mental unsoundness must be expected to occur. It has been considered a matter of some interest to inquire which is the first or primary symptom in this disease, the paralysis or the insanity ; and from the his- tory of a considerable number of cases, which have been care- fully watched with a view to this point, it would appear that, while the two symptoms in Purchase Ziprasidone a majority of Buy Geodon Online cases appear simul- taneously, yet in the larger part of these cases, in which tliere is Cheap Geodon a difference of time, the mental symptoms were precedent. The relation between the Order Ziprasidone Online two, however, is by no means con- stant and regular. Mental imbecility may progress with

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