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estimated. We might wish that some features Fosamax Mg of the patho- logical condition Fosamax Price which necessitated the operation might be more fully described. We may regret the imperfect account given of the results of the autopsy. But we have at least here an unmistakable Ceesarean section, whose authenticity cannot be questioned. This translation is made from the " Medical Institutes " of Daniel Lemort, a celebrated profess- or of the school at Wittenberg, whose character and learn- ing command implicit confidence. The facts, as related by him, have been accepted by his contemporaries. While in France the controversy raged with unabated passion as to the possibility of a successful Ca3sarean section, in which one party reports only success, and the other only failure, and the want of evidence makes us doubt whether any of these cases have ever really occurred, we have at last an instance whose his- torical verity is beyond question. The Wittenberger Cnesarean section became the subject of many learned disquisitions in Germany. The most noted of these is the correspondence be- tween Michael Doring, of Breslau, and Fabricius Hildanus, of Bern. But, notwithstanding that this operation Fosamax Lawsuit received the sanction of the highest medical authorities of that age, the example of Trautmann found but few imitators dm*ing the seventeenth centurv. PRACTICAL EELATIONS, ETC. 375 Akt. III. — The Practical Relations of Fosamax 70 Morbid Fosamax Alendronate Motor and Psychical Symjptoms, By Geokge C. S. Choate, M. D., late Superintendent of the Taunton Lunatic Hospital, Taunton, Mass. The significance of disordered motility as an indication of mental unsoundness not unfrequently becomes a most puz- zling Fosamax 70 Mg Weekly problem botli to the psycliologist and to the general practitioner ; and a clear understanding of their true relations, and of the comparative frequency of their association, becomes eminently important to both. A man who has had an attack of apoplexy, and who is still suifering from hemiplegia, makes a will, which very seriously concerns the welfare of many connected with him by ties of blood or friendship. Is it a valid one ? Another, well known to be a confirmed epileptic, Fosamax Online commits a deed of violence, the penalty of which may be the severest which the laws inflict. Is he a responsible agent, and a fit subject for punishment? Or, still another, whose palsied tongue, and halting gait, mark him as the victim of grave cerebral disease, Fosamax 10 Mg enters with sanguine confidence upon extended and experi- mental business transactions. Should he be allowed to retain a control of his afi'airs, which may compromise the welfare not only of himself, but of others dependent upon him? Tliese questions, and many others of a similar character, affecting most seriously the well-being of individuals, of families, and of the community at large, become, in the main, dependent upon medical oj^inion for settlement. The fact that some, perhaps most, forms of abnormal motility are dependent upon lesion of Fosamax D the same central organ, which is the material agent of the mental faculties, has some- times led to the inference that some impairment of mind must always be present in connection with them. Our great American authority, Dr. Kay, would seem to incline to this opinion, when he says that, " while a case of paralysis occa- sionally occurs in which no mental impairment can be detected by any practical Fosamax Femur test, it is more or less obvious in by far the greater number of cases." That the association of the two is of sufficient frequency to suggest, in all cases where important Price Of Fosamax oT^) PEACTICAL EELA.TIO]^S OF MORBID acts, affecting tlie rights of themselves or others, are performed by persons suffering under this class of diseases, a Fosamax 70 Mg minute inquiry into their mental Fosamax With D soundness, is beyond dispute. To enter upon a consideration of these vitally important questions with a fair prospect of arriving at just and correct conclusions, a clear understanding Alendronate Fosamax of precisely what morbid motility and mental unsoundnesses are, and what each indi- cates, is an indispensable prerequisite. Each may be, and often is, called a disease. But, it will be clearer for our purpose, and more strictly in accordance with pathological facts, to consider each a manifestation, though in totally different ways, of some lesion in the nei-vous system. Disordered motility may be regarded as a manifesta- tion, through its Fosamax 35 Mg effects upon the musclar system, of a lesion either in the motor tract of the brain itself, in the spinal cord, or in the communication between one of these organs and the parts affected. Insanity,* or mental unsoundness, may fairly be looked upon as a manifestation, through impairment or derange- ment of the perceptive, reasoning, or affective powers, of a lesion in the psychical tract of the cerebrum. If these are true definitions, and the two Fosamax With Vitamin D so-called diseases are simply manifestations in different ways of lesions in different portions of the nervous system, not necessarily coexistent, it follows that the diagnosis of each can be made only through proof of its existence in each particular case, and that it would be as absurd to infer that there is mental unsoundness in a given case, because Fosamax Buy Online hemiplegia proved cerebral lesion to exist, as it would be to infer the existence of paralysis from the Fosamax Plus D presence of morbid mental symptoms. Indeed, if insanity be only a symptom, its presence can be shown only by the actual occur- rence of those changes in the character, those peculiarities in the acts and conversation, which Buy Fosamax constitute it ; and the attempt to make out a case by physical signs, however useful the investigation of these signs may be in reference to determining the pathology and therapeutics of the disease, must be esteemed as altogether fallacious and unscientific. But, is insanity a

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