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sources. But toward the close of the middle ages physicians were consulted as to the best method of realizing the benevo- lent intentions of the Church. Yersalius's theory of the res- piration of the foetus prevailed at that time, and they recom- mended that a reed should be placed between the teeth of the mother until the operator could arrive. And consequently the Synods of Cologne (1528) and of Cambrai (1550) did so decree. It is probable that about the same time, or somewhat earlier, the Eoyal Law of ISTuma Pompilius was first intro- duced into the civil code. At least, the earliest notice that we find of Order Flonase Online it, is its enactment by the Council of Yenice in 1608. Afterward it was adopted and enforced by the kingdom of !N^aples and the Two Sicilies. These governments appointed physicians whose duty it Flonase Acne was to perform the operation upon every pregnant Flonase Ns woman who died. But somewhat earlier Flonase 0.05 we find well-authenticated cases of Csesarean section post mortem matris recorded by medical authors. The first recorded cases which I could find were those of Cornelius Gemma, professor of Louvain ; he says that he extracted six living infants after the mothers had breathed their last sighs. Horace Augenius, professor at Turin and Padua, reports that he opened the corpse Flonase Canada of a peasant, who had died of an ulcer in the stomach, and extracted a living child, which he baptized Fortune. Crato de Craftheim saw the great anatomist Julius Csesar Avanzi bring a child into the world in this manner. Since that time many well-authen- ticated cases have been reported, but in none has the of)era- tion proved successful if it has uQt been performed w^ithin a few minutes of the mother's death. There are vague reports extant in the Flonase Generic Cost literature on this subject to the effect that Csesarean Flonase Generic Equivalent section had been performed upon living women during the fifteenth and sixteenth centu- ries. Indeed, the learned Arabians, who, by their clumsy translations of Flonase Generic Price Greek authors, and the pursuits of occult 368 THE OEIGm OF C^SAEEAN SECTI0:N. arts, have acquired a factitious eminence Flonase Nasal Spray Generic in every brancli of literature, are also quoted in this connection, as having known and practised abdominal section for the delivery of a child. But the only foundation for this assumption is a quotation in tiie work of the distinguished Florentine physician, Nicolaus Nicolas, who says that a case similar Flonase Discount to that which he rej)ort3 has been Flonase Generic Name mentioned by Abulcassem. ISTow, this case has been cited as one of the Flonase Alternatives earliest Flonase Coupons Printable Csesarean sections performed in Europe. But I^Ticolas himself does not relate it as an opera- tion, but simply says that, in a pregnant woman, a diminution in the size of the abdomen was noticed, accompanied by a watery discharge from the womb, emissis pluribus sujperflui- tatihus, that no foetus was expelled, but that at last, several months afterward, foetal bones were taken through an opening in the abdominal walls, after which the woman became well. Whatever may have been the special abnormal condition of pregnancy in this instance, it is certain that it was not relieved by Caesarean section. On the contrary, Nicolas suggests Cheap Flonase the possibility of imitating Nature in such cases by opening the abdomen, which implies that in this instance Nature accom- plished the cure by an ulcerative process. Probably a similar condition existed in the case of Jacob Nufer, of Sigerhausen, the cattle-gelder, who is reported to have performed this operation upon his own wife at Buy Generic Flonase the beginning of the sixteenth century. This is the case which has been almost universally quoted as the first authentic Ccesarean sec- tion made on a living woman. But the learned Caspar Bau- hin, from whom all the subsequent writers have borrowed their accounts, reports this operation nearly a hundred years after its occurrence as a mere matter of hearsay, and from his statement it is by Flonase Rxlist no means clear, even if such an event had actually occurred, that it can be looked upon as a Csesarean section; he says : " He placed his wife upon the table, opened the abdomen just as he would in a hog, and, fortunately, at the very first cut, the belly was opened, and a child was rap- idly extracted through the wound. If this be a description of an actual occurrence, it resembles the opening of an abscess in extra-uterine pregnancy much more closely than that of hysterotomy. But, taking all the circumstances of the case THE OEIGIX or C^SAEEAN SECTION. 369 together, tlie j)eculiar vocation of tlie operator, tlie openino- of the abdominal cavity with one stroke of the knife, the won- derful success of the operation — for liis wife lived and Purchase Flonase Online bore him several children without any difficulty — I am much more in- clined to place I^ufer and his heroic achievement among tlie popular legends so rife at that age than among the actual oc- currences of history. In the correspondence of Doring and Hildan on the ques- tion of the Caesarean section, we find an operation referred to which was Alternative To Flonase first reported by Mcholaus Polins, as having been performed in Weisse, Silesia, on the 9th of December, 1531, and which is generally reported among the early cases of Csesarean section. The patient had been suffering since her first confinement from some abdominal trouble, but had, not- withstanding, survived eight subsequent deliveries. Soon afterward a swelling was Generic Flonase Nasal Spray noticed in the left hypochondrium, which gradually increased until it formed an enormous fluc- tuating tumor, in which a living child was finally diagnos- ticated. According to tlie customs of those times, a council was held between " physicians, surgeons, midwives, and other honorable women," who agreed to open the tumor. The op- eration was performed, and a living child was born, but the mother died a few days afterward. Further details of the proceedings are recorded, but none which would shed light either upon the nature of the abnormal condition or of the

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