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composed by the alkaline generic of flomax juices and dissolved by the fatty matters always present, practically forming soaps. A small quantity of calomel coming into the duodenum is at once converted into the black oxiile, and freely exhausts all the solvent power of the alkaline juices, which may flomax generic be unable to take up any more rapidly a large than a small amount of the drug, and the major portion escapes unchanged: and, inasmuch as only the calomel which is changed into the black oxide is active, and as we can obtain this result with a small quantity of the drug, it flomax cr seems most rational to employ such small quantities, thus avoiding the danger of ptyalism attendant upon the administration of a single large dose. 2. The system is impressed much more rapidly by fre- quent small doses than by a single large dose. 3. Clinical experience has shown that in small doses of one, two, or three grains calomel purges some pa- tients briskly, and in these individuals large doses, although they do not proportionately increase the evacuation, occasion what is flomax spasmodic pain in the stomach and bowels. Sise of Various Doses. — From a tenth to half a 1 62 OUR SUBSCRIBERS' DISCUSSIONS. [N. Y. Med. Joub., grain may be given every fifteen minutes or every half-hour until one or two grains have been taken. Twelve grains may be given. Children bear pro- portionately larger doses. Time of Administration. — If a single large dose is given, give it before the patient goes to bed, because it takes from six to ten hours to act, but if small jind repeated doses are given, give it during the day, so as not to disturb the patient's rest. With flomax for women regard to the meals, it may be said that an empty stomach or a small proteid meal enhances the action of the drug, while a full stomach or a large proteid meal retards it. (Haiidbuch dcr allgemeinen u. speciel- len Arzneiverordnungslehre. C. A. Ewald, 12th ed., p. 419.) The advantage of combining with calomel so- dium bicarbonate flomax online is to increase the alkalinity of the contents of the duodenum and thus aid the intestinal juice in the reduction of the salt to the black oxide. The reasons why a saline aperient is given after calomel are: 1. In case the calomel does not act, the saline will act in the capacity of another cathartic. 2. flomax 0.4 mg Most salines being hydragogue cathartics, flomax in women they produce large watery movements, and thus clean out the intestinal tract, at generic for flomax the same time carrying off any calomel that may remain in the intestinal tract (not having been acted upon by the intestinal juice), thus avoiding possible mercurialization in those who have a marked susceptibility to the drug. Calomel Should be Combined with other Drugs. Dr. Edivard M. Merrins, of Newark, N. J., writes: Confine Its Use to Appropriate Cases. — Calomel is ( r ) stimulant to muscular fibres, thus causing catharsis by increased peristaltic action of the intes- tines and inducing a more rapid flow of bile by its action on the flomax alternative piuscular tissue of the bile-expelling mechanism; (2) stimulant to glandular action ; (3) antiseptic. Hence it is indicated in biliousness, jaundice, malarial and other fevers, and whenever the biliary discharge is flomax price deficient and portal conges- tion exists, also in intestinal diseases dependent on deficient flomax prices glandular action or putrid decomposition of food. (Where the intestinal walls are the site of infection, as in typhoid fever and dysentery, its anti- septic action is not so great.) As its later action is (4) sedative in such conditions as acute gastric catarrh, "the best purgative is calomel in the form of powder — tasteless, never rejected by the stomach, disinfectant, cholagogue." It is also invaluable in the irritability of the bowels and loss of appetite often met with in protracted cases of disease such flomax cost as pulmonary phthisis. Give it in Combination. — Calomel flomax tamsulosin is more alternative to flomax cost of flomax eflfect- flomax women ive if combined with other drugs. As glandular stimulants we add flomax 0.4 podophyllin, ipecac, etc. ; to se- cure greater rapidity of action, jalap, colocynth, gamboge, etc. ; to assist its action generally, sodium bicarbonate. This last price of flomax substance, like calomel, has little or no action on the functional activity of the liver cells; it is valuable given with calomel because it neutralizes the acid products of decomposition,

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