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the results of this in phenomena appreciable to tlie individual. estrace coupons Thus, the lassitude felt after the warm bath may be attributed to imperfect nutrition of the muscles from the insufficient sup- ply of blood to them resulting from this action. The tendency to syncope produced by the protracted use of the warm bath is probably owing to the diminished supply of blood to the brain, caused by the increased facility for its passage through the capillaries of the skin. On the same principle, the wake- fulness of insanity may sometimes be overcome by hot appli- cations to the chest and abdomen. The converse of this is observed in the vigor which results from the use of the cold bath, or from exposure to a cold and bracing atmosphere. Here we have the vessels of the skin reduced in calibre, and as a consequence a greater proportion of the blood sent out by each contraction of the estrace cream coupon heart is com- pelled to find its way to the veins through the capillaries of the muscular and nervous systems. But, under certain conditions not well understood, an im- pression of cold upon the surface leads buy estrace to such a diminution in the cutaneous circulation, and consequently to estrace 2 mg such a dis- tention of the visceral capillaries, as to induce a lesion of some one or more of the viscera. The pneumonia, bronchitis, ne- phritis, or diarrhoea, as the case may be, is then said to be the result of " taking cold." If in tlie very earliest stage the warm bath or some internal sudorific be resorted to, and a free chan- nel thus opened in the estrace 2mg skin for the passage of blood, the inter- nal organ maybe relieved, and the threatened disease averted. But an impression of cold upon the surface may, under some circumstances, prove salutary. Thus, in syncope, we CIECULATION OF THE BLOOD. 349 dash cold water into the face and ui^on the chest, in order, as we say, to rouse the system by the sudden shock. Tlie shock may perhaps have something to do with the result, but we do not find other means of rousing the nervous system to be equally efiicacious. Shaking, flagellation, etc., so useful in opium-poisoning, do not approve themselves to ns in this case. But cold water, combining with the shock a sudden contrac- tion of the cutaneous vessels, and thus forcing more blood into the internal organs, including the nerve-centres, is an agent which has been used from time immemorial with success. Medicines estrace ivf which are supposed to have a certain degree of control over the diameter of the capillaries are described in works on materia medica, and not estrace 1 mg unfrequently prescribed in cases in which the design is to affect the circulation in some diseased locality through the general action of the drug. The reasoning is as follows : " This medicine acts upon tlie capilla- ries — tlie capillaries in the diseased organ require such action — ergo^ the medicine is indicated." ISTow, if the diseased part is supposed to be acted upon only as a j^ortion of estrace for ivf the general organism, and not from any special relation to the medicine, the employment of tlie latter must result in disappointment, for the simple reason that, if all the capillaries of the body are acted upon alike, no change in the distribution of the blood will ensue. The most that, can happen is, that the labor of the heart will be increased or diminished. The same result would be attained by employing a cardiac sedative estrace cream or a car- diac stimulant. These remarks will apply to the use of opium and of ergot as antiphlogistics. I do not intend to raise a question as to their efficacy for this purpose, but merely to attack the theory of their suiDposed mode of action, which I believe to estrace estradiol be buy estrace online un- tenable ; unless, indeed, it can be shown that the capillaries of inflamed parts are peculiarly sensitive to their influence. Closely allied to this subject is one which has recently as- sumed especial importance in connection with a new method of laying the foundations of piers for bridges. I refer to the physiological and pathological eSects of high atmospheric pressure. In constructing the piers for the bridge across the Missis- sippi at St. Louis, in 1869, a novel plan was adopted for reach- 350 CIRCULA.TIO]^ OF THE BLOOD. ing tlie rock below the bed of tbe river. An immense estrace online diving- bell was constructed, having the horizontal dimensions of the proposed pier. This was smik down to the bed of the stream, and upon its top was built the buy estrace cream masonry of the pier. The in- terior of the bell — or caisson, as it was termed — was kept clear of water in the usual manner, by forcing in air through pipes leading from pumps located on the shore. Excava- tion was carried on within the caisson, the earth being re- moved estrace tablets through a sliaft in such a way as not to permit the escape of air. As the work progressed, the caisson was con- stantly sinking into the earth, while the masonry above was being built up in the same proportion, so as always to keep the top of the pier above the surface of the water. In this way, the earth estrace and ivf being removed from beneath and the stone being added above, estrace cost the vast structure, having in the case of one of the piers an area of thirty-six hundred square feet, estrace price was carried estrace creme down to a depth of one hundred and ten feet, when it rested upon solid rock. The interior of the caisson was then filled up with concrete, and a perfectly solid foundation for the pier was secured. Of course, in proportion as the caisson descended, the press- m'e of the air required to keep out the water constantly in- creased, until estrace coupon at last it attained the enormous figure of fifty- five pounds to the square inch in excess of the normal rate, a pressure nearly equal to the maximum capacity for resistance

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