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neiA^es as to cause a relaxation of the terminal arteries, and a dilatation of the capillaries. If the irritation be considerable, the surface assumes a bright-scarlet hue, purchase hydrochlorothiazide online in the place of its previous flesh-color. Such a change in the color implies a very considerable increase esidrix 25 mg in the diameter of the capillaries. Experiment IY. — A tall narrow vessel was jiartly filled with water, at the temperature of 120° Fahr., and the naked forearm thrust into it to near the elbow, the arm resting ujjon a support. Enough water was then added to exactly fill the vessel. Within half a minute the vessel began slowly to over 344 ciRCULATioisr of the blood. flow and continued to do so for several minutes. At tlie con- clusion of the experiment, it was found that half an inch of water had been displaced. This, of course, represents a corresponding increase of volume in the arm, and, as this could take place only by an increase of the quantity of blood in it, it follows that half of a cubic inch of blood was added to the amount hydrochlorothiazide online present before the observation. This represents the increase in the area of the capillaries, and measures what has heretofore been considered the extent of the eifect produced upon the circulation. But, cheap hydrochlorothiazide in view of the results observed in Experiment III., it will be seen that this can by no means be taken as a criterion of the effect hydrochlorothiazide cost obtained, the increase in the carrying j)0wer of the vessels being so greatly in excess of the increase in their area. This increased carrying capacity is illustrated in an extreme degree by an observation of Bernard. He found that, by gal- vanizing the branch of the lingual nerve which is distributed to the sublingual gland, the circulation through the capillaries of the gland was increased to such an extent that the pulsa- tion of the arteries was transmitted to the veins, and esidrix or zaroxolyn the blood escaped from the latter in jets. Of course this excess in the circulation in one part implies a corresponding deficiency in some other part. Were the blood-vessels passive tubes, the deficiency would at buy hydrochlorothiazide online once be dis- tributed over the whole body ; but the larger arterial trunks, at a distance from the point of irritation, but between it and the heart, contract in proportion as the pressure upon them is lessened, and thus the hydrochlorothiazide mg effect is confined within a limited area, and the excess is at the expense of neighboring vessels. When, however, a large portion of the surface of the body is exposed to an action affecting the area of the capillaries, the entire circulation is changed as the result. This is shown order hydrochlorothiazide by the following experiment : * ExPERniENT V. — By means of the sphygmograph, a tracing was obtained of the pulse of a buy esidrix young man in full health and under ordinary conditions, the temperature of the air being about 82° Fahr. The pulse was found to be of fair volume as represented at a in the annexed cut. Without disturbing CIRCULATIOlSr OF THE BLOOD. 845 the instrument, the lower half of the body was then immersed in water at 70° Fahr. After the feehng generic hydrochlorothiazide of chilliness had passed off, a second tracing was taken. The pulse was much larger and stronger, buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide as is shown at h. Hot water was then added to the bath, until a temperature of 120° Fahr. Avas ob- tained. A tliird tracing then showed the pulse to have less volume than before, hydrochlorothiazide price and less tension than in the normal state. Tlie effect of the cold bath in this case was to contract the vessels in that portion of the body to which it was applied. The result Avas, that the blood, meeting with increased resist- ance in that half of the body, was distributed in greater propor- tion to the part where the resistance was normal, and hence a larger hydrochlorothiazide tablets pulse buy hydrochlorothiazide at the wa-ist. When the temperature of the batli w^as raised to 120°, tbe vessels of the lower half of the body relaxed, and again presented an easy passage for the blood, restoring the equilibrium, and hence the radial pulse became smaller. But, aside from this direct action in the immediate vicinity of the part irritated, there may be in some cases another ac- tion in parts more remote. A reflex impression may affect the vaso-motor nerves in parts having the requisite nervous or " sympathetic " relation to the one irritated, and purchase hydrochlorothiazide this trans- ferred action w'ould then be the same in kind as that already described, and a similar change in the circulation would result. Bernard found that applying acetic acid to the tongue pro- duced a very marked change in the circulation of the sublin- gual glands, the amount of blood coursing through their cap- illaries being immensely increased, and the blood in the veins of the glands retaining its arterial hue.' order hydrochlorothiazide online Numerous other ex- amples might be cited, showing that the circulation in one ' Legons sur la Physiologic ct la Pathologic dii Sjsteinc nerveux. 346 CIRCULATION- OF THE BLOOD.

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