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volves some of the most interesting points buy sildenafil citrate online in the mechanics of fluids. The resistance to the passage of the fluid being de- rived chiefly from the friction against the sides of the tube, will increase in proportion to the ratio of the circumference to the area of the section. Kow, the circumference of a circle in- creases directly as the ranbaxy eriacta 100 diameter, while the area increases as the square of the diameter. The friction is obtained by dividing the circumference by the area, and therefore cheap sildenafil citrate decreases directly as the diameter increases, as is shown by tlie following for- mula : Diara. Circnm. Area. Friction. a. b. c. b. C. 2 a. purchase sildenafil citrate 2 b. 4 eriacta uk c. 2 b. b 4 c. order eriacta ~ 2 From which it appears that doubling the diameter of a tube quadruples its area, eriacta online and at the same time divides the friction by two. But, great as is this disparity, it is immensely increased in practice, especially when tlie tube is of very small calibre and tortuous or branching. The following experiments serve to CIECULATIOIS" OF THE BLOOD. 343 show how slight an increase in the diameter of a tube will suf- buy eriacta online fice to augment its carrying power enormously : ExPEREsiENT I. — A caoutcliouc tube of 5 mm. bore, and 3 feet long, perfectly straight and of uniform diameter, was found to transmit a given quantity of water in 115 seconds. An- other tube, of 6 mm. diameter, but perfectly similar in other respects, transmitted the same quantity in 65 seconds. In this case an ranbaxy eriacta increase in the diameter of 20 per cent., sildenafil citrate 50mg and in eriacta tablets the area of less than 40 per cent,, gives an increase in the cheap eriacta carrying power of nearly 100 per cent. Experiment II. — A glass tube 10 inches in length, and having an inside diameter of .052 inch, gave passage to drachms of water in 122 sildenafil citrate 100mg seconds. Another tube, of the same length, and under the same conditions, but having a diameter of .08 inch transmitted the same quantity of water in 20 seconds. In this case the addition of one-half to the diameter of the tube allowed the passage of six times the quantity of ifluid. Experiment III. — The same tubes were used as in the last experiment, and all the conditions were the same, except that defibrinated bullock's blood was employed instead of water. buy sildenafil citrate The blood was previously strained through very fine linen. The smaller tube required 1,440 seconds to transmit 6 drachms; while the larger tube gave passage to the same quantity in 142 seconds. The ratio here is one-half to ten, instead of one-half to six, as when water was employed. order sildenafil citrate In applying the results obtained from these experiments to the question of counter-irritation, we find that certain stim- uli applied to the skin act buy eriacta in such a way upon the vaso-motor

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