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ceives precisely its due share of blood — a supply varying ex- actly with the varying function of the part, and adapted with absolute precision to its physiological demands. And we can- not fail to perceive that the mechanism by which the quantity of blood thrown into the aorta with each cardiac systole is thus duly apportioned to all the parts of the organism must be one of extreme delicacy. Considering the blood-vessels from an anatomical stand-point, we find that this regulating power is confined to the arteries and the veins, endep 25 mg the capillaries endep tablets being destitute of contractile tissue. The arteries, and with some exceptions buy cheap endep the veins, are supplied with muscular fibres, endep 10 tablets and are 22 338 cmcuLATio]^ of the blood. capable order endep online of contracting under stimulus conveyed to tliem througli a set of nerves distributed to them, and named from their function the vaso-motor nerves. The contraction of an artery diminishes the supply of blood to the part to which the artery is distributed ; wliile the contraction of a vein augments the resistance to the circulation and causes distention of the capilla- ries, and a buy endep online prolonged sojourn of the blood in contact witli the tissues. These varying actions arc made to subserve the purposes of nutrition and function, and are presided over by the nervous system with a delicacy and accuracy so subtle and unerring as to seem like a localized intelligence, defying all attempts at analysis or explanation. This regulating power is of extreme importance, since the amount of blood required in any given part is constantly changing, and depends upon the activity of the part for the time being. Whenever an organ, before at rest, is brought into action, a demand is occasioned for an increased supply of blood, and the vessels leading to the part dilate to the extent required. I regard all function, with the exception of that of the or- gans of special sense, as the result of the chemico- vital reaction between purchase endep the tissue of the acting organ endep tablets 10mg and the blood which courses through its capillaries ; and the nervous system generic endep as hav- ing no other office in this regard than that of regulating the sup- ply of the endep 50mg nutritive fluid. Hence, blood being an essential fac- tor, and the quantity in the system being pretty nearly constant, it follows that a number of activities cannot be carried on sim- ultaneously for want of a sufficient supply of this necessary fluid. This conclusion, arrived at theoretically, is sustained by observa- tion. We find that a proper performance of the digestive func- tion is incompatible with great muscular activity ; that the brain and the muscles cannot put forth at the same time the maximum of effort ; and, when order endep a full meal has created a demand for a largely-increased circulation through the capillaries of the stomach and intestines, the brain is rendered anaemic, and drowsiness results. No two of the great emunctories of the system can be stimulated to excessive action at the same time. A diuretic and a diaphoretic will not act well together, nor will either act during the operation of a cathartic. These well- known facts are usually explained by assuming that the nerve- endep 10 mg CIKCULATIOX OF THE BLOOD. 339 force is the primary element in all these activities, and that it is a constant quantity, and cannot be expended in one direction without being proportionally deficient in others. This ex- planation, however, appears to me to involve difficulties which do not pertain endep 25mg to the one already given. But fortunately there is seldom necessity for several activi- ties at the same moment, and thus the organs which are at rest can spare the blood demanded by those in action. There is scarcely a moment daring our waking hours that the equi- librium of the circulation is perfect. It is doubtless one of the objects of sleep that the circulation may be relieved for a time from the perturbating influence of the contending de- mands of the different functions, and the blood thus allowed to distribute itself simply according to mechanical laws, and to provide for a harmonious nutrition of all parts of the body. Under endep 25 certain conditions of disease it may become desirable to attempt to modify, artificially, the nutrition or the function of some given organ or part. Among the means resorted to for this purpose counter-ir- ritation holds a prominent place. This consists in creating an in-itation in a healthy part in order to relieve a morbid condi- tion in another locality more or less distant. This morbid condition is for the most part either inflammation or pain with- out inflammatory endep 10mg symptoms, and it is a matter of daily obser- vation that these conditions may be relieved in a great many cases by the practice in question. The modus operandi has been the subject of endless and acrimonious discussion, which still leaves us so much in the dark that Headland sums up our knowledge upon the subject in these words : " It buy endep appears that, as a consequence of the action of counter-irritants, the attention of the nervous system may be drawn off from the morbid process going endep 50 on at some other part of the body ; " and again, " The term ' counter-irritation ' is employed to express this action, the nature of it being but ill understood. A powerful impression on any surface of the body, external or internal, seems to be capable of purchase endep online arresting endep 10 and di- verting, as it were, the attention of the system, and thus, for a time, of checking a morbid process." — (On the " Action of Medicines," pp. 67, 97.) These statements are scarcely more 340 CIECULATIOlSr OF THE BLOOD.

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