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A Curious Memento of Jenner.— A very interesting memento of tlie discoverer of vaccination has recently been presented to the Eoyal College of Pliysicians by Sir John Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite William Fisher. It consists of a cow's horn, beautifully polished, pre- sented to Sir J. W. Fisher, in the year 1813, by Dr. Jenner, and polished by himself. The gift was made in grateful acknowledgment of services rendered to Jenner's Elimite 5 Cream sick children by Mr. Fisher, then a medical assistant in Elimite Otc Soho. The horn is now mounted Elimite For Lice in silver, and bears an appropriate inscription, stating the circumstances Permethrin Elimite under which it was presented to the college. Dr. Burrows, the President, in asking the ac- ceptance Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream of the horn, stated that it was probable— though there was no record of the fact — that the horn had been taken from one of Dr, Jenner's favorite cows on which he made his experiments on vaccination. ^hlinnxvf. Geokge Edwaud Day, M. D., F. R. S. — We learn, as we are going to press, that this gentleman, an article from whose pen appears in the present issue, died at Torquay, Eng- land, on January 31st. Dr. Day was born in 1815, and from the beginning of his professional career distinguished himself by his extraordinary talents. Fifteen years ago, while at the height of his fame and success, he met with a serious accident, which resulted in complete loss of power in the right arm and in one leg. The Medical Times and Gazette saj-s of him : " Both before and after this lamentable accident his industry was mitiring. He wrote a work on the ' Diseases of Advanced Life,' and on ' Chemistry in its Eelation to Physiology Elimite Cream Otc and Medicine ; ' he Elimite Cream Scabies translated Simon's ' Animal Chemistry ' and part of Ilokitansky's ' Pathological Anatomy ' for the Syden- ham Society, Lehmann's ' Physiological Chemistry ' for the Cavendish Society, and most of the medical and scientific ar- ticles in ' Chambers's Encyclopaedia.' His scientific and pro- fessional knowledge was vast and exact, and. his judgment sound and temperate. Almost up to the last he retained his habit of literary work, though struggling against increasing 336 OBITUARY. debility and exliaustion, which, however, were not to be traced in his writings. Few who read the reviews and scientific no- tices in our own columns could have surmised that thej were written by an invalid disabled by ununited fracture of one arm, helpless upon the legs, and distracted by a host of minor suf- ferings arising out of his state of rheumatism and prostration. His handwriting was most peculiar, done as it was with an arm that had to bo lifted on to the writing-table," Buy Elimite Cream Paul Dubois, the eminent lecturer and obstetric practi- tioner, who died recently in Paris, was born in the year 1795. He was the son of an illustrious father, Antoine Dubois, Pro- fessor and Surgeon-in-chief of the Maternite Hospital in Paris, and to his instruction and influence is due the early prominence of the former, his father having obtained for him, when quite a young man, the position of Adjunct Surgeon to that institution. At the time of his appointment, four thou- sand women were annually admitted into its lying-in wards. Young Dubois was first appointed Assistant-Professor, but in 1834 he Elimite Price became, after a warm contest. Professor of Where Can I Buy Elimite Obstetrics. This position gave him a new and ample field for the display of his abilities ; his lectures became very popular, and for many years his eloquence attracted large numbers of medical men and students to the hospital. He had the opportunities Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite which so many busy practitioners neglect, to collect the results of Elimite Cream Over The Counter his observations and practice in a valuable work on the special subject to which he had devoted his life ; but he was no exception to the rule, and his vast experience remains comparatively unrecorded. For many years past he had been sufiering from mental Permethrin Elimite Cream derangement, and Elimite Generic virtually lost to the profession and the world. It becomes our duty to announce the sudden death, on the 14th ult., of Dr. Charles Allen Lee, at Peekskill, N. Y. Dr. Lee had attained his seventy-second year, Elimite Lice and, although he had retired from active practice, he took a lively interest to the last in all that concerned the honor and welfare of the profession. "We shall furnish in our next issue a brief sketch of his life and career. NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURNAL: A MONTHLY BECORD OF MEDICmE AND THE COLLATERAL SCIENCES. Vol. XV.] APRIL, 1872. [Xo. 4. Art. 1. — Considerations on the Circulation of the Blood, loith Special Reference to Counter- Iritation, and to the Effect of Increased Atmospheric Pressure. By Andrew IT. Smith, M. D. When we consider the extreme intricacy of the vascular system, its infinite subdivision, Generic Elimite and the immense variety ot organs witli their differing functions which are dependent upon the supply which it brings to them, and then reflect that the blood Elimite Or Kwell is propelled through this system by the action of one central organ, any change in which must affect Elimite Cost all parts alike, we must be struck with the fact that each organ or tissue re-

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