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cent, come from parents of whom one or both are myopic, and a larger proportion of them than of others Bisacodyl Dulcolax have choroidal atrophy. Anotiier Generic For Dulcolax important inquiry is, What influence do spectacles have upon the myopia of cliildren ? Out of 1,245, 122 used glasses, and the degree of myopia was more than yV in 88 of these. It appears that, out of the 122, only 15 had neutralizing Generic Dulcolax gfasses; 84 Buy Dulcolax had them too weak, and 23 had them too strong. It also appears that Dulcolax Powder choroidal atrophy becomes greater and more frequent, vision less acute, and muscular trouble more common. "It is, in a word, a simple fact that the use of concave glasses has a positively bad effect on eyes which are undergoing a change in their state of refraction, and it is a misfortune to be obliged to order glasses for a youthful myopic person." If they Dulcolax Printable Coupon must be used, as they frequently must, for music, drawing, writing, etc., they should be laid aside when not re- quired. Tlie more constant Dulcolax Bisacodyl use of glasses should be deferred to a more adult age, when the tissues are stronger, and able better to resist distention. The causes wiiich lead to production of myopia are insufficient light, badly-constructed tables and seats, as predisposing to the one most effec- tive agent, Dulcolax Products namely, persistent tension of accommodation. The attachment of the ciliary muscle to the cornea in front, and the choroid behind, readily explains Dulcolax Laxatives how the choroid, in efforts of accommodation, must be dragged forward. It has been shown that the ciliary processes are also pulled for- ward, while tlie zumla is relaxed, and the vitreous pressed. To this must be added the influence of the external muscles, and on tills point Graefe has laid great stress, especially in cases of insufficient interni. Both these factors, the internal and the external muscular appa- ratus, can excite congestion of the deep vessels of the globe, and this again MISCELLAISTEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. o25 tends to the increase of myopia. The great agent of mischief is forced and spasmodic effort of accommodation. The lens does not regain its normal curvature ; and thus an eye, at first hypermetropic, passes over its myopia. The injurious effect of badly-chosen glasses is thus fully explained. The importance of securing to children, in their studies, suitable light and seats, and of watching their habits of reading, is, by the above investi- gations, most urgently set forth. Suitable care may arrest or prevent a serious mischief to sight, while the miseries of myopes are largely duo to the culpable neglect of pai'ents and teachers. 35. — On the Use of tlie Ophthalmoscope. ByDr. Albutt. [London, 1871, pp. 405, 8vo.] It hardly comes within the sphere of this report to review a book like the above. But a few words may not be amiss. Its title in full is, " On the Use of tlie Ophthaln)Oscope in Diseases of the Nervous Suppository Dulcolax System and of the Kidneys, also in certain other General Disorders." The great value of the book is in its consideration of diseases of the nervous system, and this con- stitutes its bulk. In this department it is decidedly the best treatise in English ; it is based upon actual observation. It is written in a candid spirit, while there is not the fulness of detail which would be proper in an ophthalmic troati-e; the author shows accuracy in his acquaintance with the eye, which entitles his opinions and observations to confidence. The book is written in the interests of general medicine and pathology, and is deserving the study of every practitioner. It is true that errors have crept into it, as, on page 38, he expresses the opinion that arterial pulsation is never Dulcolax Balance Coupon visible under any cii'cumstauces, natural or artificial. Perhaps the intent in this sentence is to exclude glaucoma, in which spontaneous pulse does occu rin the arteries, but it is true inanother class of cases also, viz., certain heart-diseases, that the arteries pulsate. We cannot Dulcolax Usa attempt to an- alyze the book, but mention it rather to commend it to general perusal, and congratulate the author upon having written What Is Dulcolax Tablets what is well worth reading. This remark may be Dulcolax 10 Mg thouglit more pointed if the reader will turn to the half-humorous aud modest sentences with which Dr. A. closes his book, on page 297. Another valuable contribution to our resources is the fifth part of Strieker's "Handbuch der Lehre von den Gemeben," in which the anat- omy of the ear and the eye Dulcolax Coupon are treated in a masterly way by master-hands. Special chapters are written by difterent authors : for instance, on "The lietina," by Max Printable Dulcolax Coupons Shultze; on "The Iris and Choroid," by Iwanoff ; on "The Circulation," by Leber; on "The Lymphatics," by Schwalbe; on " The Cornea," by Rollett, etc. We are happy to say that a translation is being made by competent persons. p;isaI(a;iTeows ixixis Srixntific Dof-c.^. Appointments, Honors, etc. — Dr. William A. Hammond Las been elected an honorary niember of the St. Laxatives Dulcolax Andrews Medical Graduates' Association. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, of Philadel- phia, is the only other American member of the association, which embraces some of the most eminent medical i>;entlemen 826 MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. of Great Britain. Tliere are two candidates for the vacant chair of Physiology in tlie Paris Faculty of Medicine — M. Be- clard, author of the well-known treatise on physiology, and M. Yulpian, present Professor of Pathological Anatomy. Dr. John Pose Cormaclc has received the honor of knighthood from Queen Victoria, in acknowledgment of his Dulcolax Generic services to English subjects during tlie Dulcolax Suppositories two sieges of Paris. He had previously received the decoration of the Legion of Honor from the French Government. Dr. Priestley has resigned his office of Professor of Obstetrics in King's College, and of phy- sician for the Diseases of Women and Children to King's Col- lege Hospital, both of which positions he has filled with distinc- tion for nearly ten years. He assigns, as a reason, that he cannot spare the necessary time from his private practice. Dr. Paget ]ias been appointed to the Regius Professorship of Physic in the

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