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tebra3. Chewing hard substances often brought on the attacks. In the attempt to read or sew she would be constantly interrupted by the closure of the lids, and on some days could not work at all. The attacks would come more frequently when she had something in both hands than when one hand was free. Besides these and other physical causes, mental excite- ment was a sufficient provocative, such as anger or hearing "dreadful sto- ries." A sudden noise or loud voice would excite the trouble. Rarely, buy desyrel font when the lids shut, could she open them without the help of her hand. Their appearance, when closed, did not suggest spasmodic action of the orbicularis, but desyrel cost resembled more nearly paralysis of the leva- tor palpebral, because there was no contraction of the neighboring facial muscles. She would sit as if merely asleep. The history was as follows : She was perfectly well until desyrel 50 mg price the age of twenty-six, when she had severe toothache, chiefly on the left side, and the teeth fell out of themselves. Headache, too, took place, and more on the left desyrel coupons side. Exposure to the weather, and a long journey on foot during a cold night, when she had toothache, were the direct causes of the begin- ning of the trouble. She began to have dimness of sight in near vision, and, while sewing, would liave to stop, and rub eyes and forehead to clear her sight. From these frequent stoppages gradually the blepharospasm developed. Continuing to suflPer from these symptoms, notwithstanding various liniments applied to the forehead, she submitted to neurotomy of both supra-orbitales. But this operation, as well as injection of morphia, faradization, and blisters, proved buy desyrel online ineflacacious. After its performance the disease was worse. She applied to Prof. Graefe, who discovered a point behind the last molar of the lower jaw which, when pressed, dissolved the spasm, and the eyelids sprang open. He, however, declined to attempt any operation. Patient has been i-egular in menstruation, was married at the age of thirty- foui", at forty-one had twins. Since menstruation has ceased, the spasm cf the lids has increased. She is not in the slightest degree nervous or hyster- ical. Beside the spot behind the jaw, discovered by desyrel withdrawal Graefe, other spots were found which, when pressed, would relieve the spasm. In some the pressure was painful, in others not. The first correspond in part with the painful points of Vaileix — they were the supra-orbital foramina, the parie- tal bosses, the vertex, the transverse processes of the cervical vertebra), the superior ganglion of the desyrel sale sympathetic in the neck, the brachial plexus under the clavicle, the spinous processes of the upper and dorsal vertebrio. Pressure rather light on these places would soon open the eyes. But strung and longer pressure on other places not painful, such as the left wrist, and the prominences of the radius and ulna, would have the same etFect. OPHTHALMOLOGY. 311 Treatment adopted was to endeavor by galvanization to cure tlie liyper- sestliesia of the above painful spots. The negative-pole desyrel with zoloft plate was placed on the middle of the dorsal vertebrae, and the bulb-shaped positive pole was applied to the painful spots for one to two miuutes. From six to six- teen elements of a Siemens-Halske battery, with constant current, were used. The effect of the first sitting was highly gratifying. Patient could move the head and eyes in all directions, and could follow the finger as before she could not. At subsequent sittings, if the eyelids closed while the current was in action, a little stronger pressure with the electrode would open them. After generic desyrel online fourteen days' treatment, with two sittings daily, the desyrel price hyperaesthetic spots were not perfectly cured, but were much less sen- sitive, and the lid-spasm greatly mollified. I could not expect perfect cure from the electricity, and, as the patient wished to go home, I directed a blister to the nape of the neck, to be followed by cantharidal ointment, desyrel withdrawal symptoms and the sore to be kept running. I heard, some weeks afterward, that this treatment did no good, and the patient relapsed into her previous condi- tion. Oases similar to the above are cited from Arit, Wecker, Mackenzie, from Handfield Jones ("Studies on Functional Nervous Disorders," Lou- don, 1870, desyrel street price p. cheap desyrel 390), and from Dr. Broadbent, Medical Times and Gazette, July 9, 1870. The case is not to considered one of local reflex spasm of the orbicula- ris, but rather a general disease of the nervous system. 8. — Case of Blepliarospasm. Dr. L^EXxicn, Bonn. [Klin. Monatsbl., January to March, who makes generic desyrel 1871, p. 55.] A soldier desyrel generic brand was wounded by a piece of shell on the top of the head, tearing up the scalp for two inches behind the coronal suture on the left side. As soon as the wound healed, spasm of the lids of the left eye took place, but ceased when the cicatrix was incised. If the wound were pre- vented from healing, the spasm did not occur, but, when this was com- buy desyrel pleted, the disease returned. Pressure on the scar relieved it, and it was fully cured by division of the supra-orbital nerve. This case contrasts with that given above, being one of purely local reflex action. desyrel over counter 9. — Acquired Nystagmus in Mountaineers. Dr. Paul Sciieceter. [Klin. Monatsbl., June and July, 1871, p. 135.] In both cases, one a man of forty-three, the other a man of thirty, the tremulous movement of the globes Avas first observed at evening, and it became so bad as not only to trouble vision by day, but to render it impos- sible for him to walk the streets at night. The trouble was greatest with fixation upward and straight forward. By looking far to the side, the eyes were for a time steady. Vision normal — a slight hypermetropia. Treat- ment was by induced electrical current to the eyes daily, and blisters be- hind the ears. After six weeks, considerable improvement occurred, purchase desyrel but lasted only a short time, when the patient returned, and was subjected to the use of strychnia, by which he was cured, and remained well. Both cases were much alike in history and symptoms, but the second case did not remain under treatment. 10. — Upon the Method of Formation of New Blood-vessels in the Inflamed Corneu. Rv Dr. W. desyrel weight gain H. Carmalt, of New York, and Prof. S. Steickek. [Medizinische Jahrbucher, Wien, 1871, P. 3, S. 428.]

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