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As the opticus was traced into the skull, it became flatter and Oral Cytoxan was lost in a mesh-work of blood-vessels and connective tissue. The time when nervous structure appears in this cord is undetermined. It is clear, how- ever, that the retina attains its development independently, and 'the ner- vous connection between it and the brain is established much later — the fibrous cord, which is first produced, serving as a nidus for the growth of nerve-fibres, but whence these come is not cleai'. 3. — Historical Notice iqjon Bascdow''s Disease {Ueart- Disease and Bronclio- cele, with Occasional Kwphthalmus.) By Dr. E. Ejimekt. [Arehiv. f. Oph., xvii., 1, 203.] The writer, who has spent some time in Adriamycin And Cytoxan England, where, according to his observation, the disease prevails more than in Germany, discusses the question as to whom the right of priority Order Cytoxan in discovery belongs. Graves's name is attached to it in England, and Basedow's in Germany and France. It appears, however, that in the library of Guy's Hospital is a work in two volumes, by Dr. Parry, printed in 1825, who gives a special chapter to OPHTHALMOLOGY. 309 "Enlargement of the Thyroid Gland in Connection with Enlargement or Palpitatiou of the Heart." He gives histories of eight cases, in one of which there w'as exophthahnus; their striking features were lieart-palpi- tations, strong carotid and weak radial pulse, and its frequency 113 to Taxotere Cytoxan tho minute, sometimes intermittent. In five more cases there were in addition epilepsy, deafness, headache, vertigo, and other nervous symptoms. The histories are next quoted in detail and are easily recognizable as the malady described by Basedow in 1840, and by Graves in 1843, but to which, if any man's name is to be attached, it should be Dr. Caleb Hillier Parry's. 4. — Xantlielasraa Palpebrarum. By Dr. Manz, of Freiberg. [Klin. Monats, Augnst-Septomber, 1871, 251.] This case, a woman sixty years old, exhibited the yellow Iv Cytoxan blutclies on the skin of all the Buy Cytoxan Online lids, and they were so large as to require removal i'rom one upper lid. The microscopic examination showed them to consist of an hypertrophy of fatty tissue interspersed among fibres of connective tissue. The fat-globules were most abundant about the hair and otiier follicles. Cases of the above are common enough, but seldom call for operation. 5. — Buy Cytoxan Gases of Temporary Ancliylohlepliar on. By Mr. C. J. Woekmax. [Oph. Hosp, Reports, vol. vii., part i., February, 1871, p. 1.] The above title does not convey the real idea of the paper, which is to set forth a eimple and ingenious method devised by Mr. Bowman, to in- crease the effect of operations for Cytoxan Oral ectropium, by temporarily uniting the upper and lower lids to each other. The method may Cytoxan And consist in turning down or up, as the case may be, a tongue of skin ly line wide and uniting it to a prepared surface of the opposing lid, or the opposed edges of the lids may be carefully denuded on the inner edge for a narrow space and fastened to each other by fine sutures set deeply into the fibro-car- tilage, and not removed for from five to seven days. One of the cases had necrosis of the orbit and a fistulous opening, with subsequent ectropium, by slow contraction of the tissues. A plastic opera- tion was done, and the lids united by a bridge. Several operations were needed, w'hich were greatly assisted by the intercalated fiap. This was maintained for two Taxotere And Cytoxan years, and, when severed, the eyelids were able to keep themselves in proper position. The temporary Cytoxan Generic adhesion of the lids by paring a part of their edges v.'as successfully used in treating ulceration of the cornea provoked Cyclophosphamide Cytoxan by ectropium, and also in a case of paralysis of the orbicularis during the time needful for recovery. C. — Kerato-Gonns and its Treatment. Ev Dr. Steixheim, of Bielfeld. [Archiv. f. Oph. und Otol., ii., 1, 100-176.] We have the history of three cases treated by the method which Graefe proposed, whose purpose is to change the Adriamycin Cytoxan shape of the cornea, although its flattening is secured at the expense of a central leucoma. The sum- mit of tiie cone is carefnlly sliced off" to the extent of f to f of a line, avoiding perforation. The ulcer is touched several times daily with a crayon of Cytoxan And Taxotere nitrate Cytoxan Adriamycin of silver, for two to four days, to set up inflammation and destruction of tissue, until, being made very thin, paracentesis is per- formed and frequently repeated. The ulcer is not allowed to heal until hy contraction the form of the cornea is seen to approximate to the nornaal. After healing occurs, which will be in from three to eight weeks, an iri- dectomy for purely optical purposes completes the case. Eesultsin the Cytoxan Tablets three eases related were very satisfactory, and in one this is made graphically evident by the patient's skill in drawing. He made olO REPOETS OTT THE PEOGRESS OF MEDICIIS^E. sketches of the appearances to himself, before the operation, of a dot , of a line, of a circle, aad of other figures, and sketched them again after the operation. Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide The cuts are intere;?ting to study, as showing how strange were the dispersive forms, and how they were modified by the change in eliape of his cornea. 7. — Inter m,ittent BlejiTiarospasm, By Dr. Seeligmullee, in Ilalle. [Klin. Monatsbl., Jahr. ix., August and September, 203.] A farmer's wife, aged fifty-nine, had suff"ered for thirty years from blepharospasm. Her eyelids would froin time to time close, and remain siiut for some minutes, despite any eff'orts she could make to open them. After a while she would lift them with her finger. The attacks happened sometimes two or three times an hour, again as often as Cytoxan Taxotere ten times an hour. The circumstances which provoked the occurrence were movements of the eyes, especially downward, movements of the liead, especially to rotate it, when the patient would feel a cracking in the Cytoxan And Adriamycin joints of the cervical ver-

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