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prevent the recovery of as good vision as w^as buy online cymbalta previously enjoyed. The patient, then, will naturally blame the atropine generic cymbalta from canada for a permanent loss of vision. A brief mydriatic must be em- ployed. A solution of cocaine, 4 per cent., generic cymbalta 2013 or generic cymbalta from india euphthalmine, 5 per cent., or homatropine, one fifth of one per cent., should be instilled forty or fifty minutes before the examination is to be com- menced. What to Look for. — The most constant ophthal- moscopic symptom is alteration of the retinal veins. These are dilated and tortuous, especially some of the parts of the small veins which arise about the macula. Other parts of a vein may be hidden in swollen hazy retina, so that the dilated part may look unlike a discount prescription card cymbalta vessel, but like a haemor- rhage. Next, haemorrhage may be found any- where in the retina, it may even extend into the vitreous. The dark red spots that indicate it may be large or small, many or few, or, at times even quite absent. Swelling and opacity of the retina are usually confined to isolated patches, or to the region sur- rounding the optic nerve. The color of the patch may vary from a dirty-red to a snow-white, or a gray-blue. The swelling is to be measured by the refraction of its summit. Sometimes it looks like a small detachment of cymbalta discount card the retina. But actual detachment may also occur. White spots arise from fatty degeneration. These are regarded as most characteristic when arranged in rows, radiating from the centre of the macula. Large spots are confined to this part of the fundus or to the neighborhood of the optic disk, but small ones may be scattered in all parts of the eye-ground. White streaks are occasionally seen along the arteries or may wholly replace them. generic cymbalta 60 mg The optic nerve is often reddened and opaque. It may even be swollen until it exactly resembles the choked disk of brain disease. Rabelais and Galen. — As an addendum to the very interesting article of Dr. Austin Flint in our issue for June 29th, it is worthy of note that the editio princeps of Galen, published by Aldus, in 1527, in five folio volumes, has recently been un- generic cymbalta online earthed in the library of Sheffield L^niversity Col- lege in England. Three of these volumes bear the autograph of Rabelais ; volume two, for instance, being inscribed "Francisci Rabelesi xai tuv au-oO ipi?.uv." It is supposed that this was probably the copy used by him cymbalta discount program in his lectures on Hippocrates and Galen at Montpellier, in 1530 and 1531, and also in the compilation of his work online cymbalta petition on these authors, pub- lished in 1532 at Lyons. i6o OUR SUBSCRIBERS' DISCUSSIONS. [N. discount cymbalta 60 mg Y. Med. Jour., (L^iu- ^iibstribcrs' Disrussions. A SERIES OF MONTHLY PRIZE ESSAYS. [Questions for discussion in this department are an- nounced once a month. So far as cymbalta online pharmacy they have been decided upon, the subsequent questions are as follows : III.— How do you treat CoUes's fracture of discount cymbalta the radius? (Answers due not later than August 12, 1901.) IV— Which form of vaccine do you prefer, cymbalta 60 mg discount card dried lymph or "glycerinated" lymph? Give your reasons zvithout men- tioning producers' names. (Answers due not later than September p, 1901.) V,—Hoiu do you treat habitual constipation? Proprie- tary preparations must not be mentioned. (Answers due not later than October 10, 1901.) Whoever among our subscribers (with the limitations mentioned beloiv) answers one of these questions »» the manner most satisfactory to the editor and his advisers will receive a price of $25. No importance -whatever will be at- tached to literary style, but the aivard will be based solely on the value of the substance of the answer. It is requested that the answers be short, no one anszver to contain more than six hundred words. We shall publish the substance discount cymbalta coupons of such of the answers as seem to us most likely to cymbalta discount prices prove interesting to discount generic cymbalta our readers, and we reserve the right to pub- lish any of the answers as original communications. Only subscribers to the New York Medical Journal (in- cluditig regular generic cymbalta and volunteer officers of the medical corps of the United generic cymbalta available us States Army, Navy, and Marine-Hospital Service, commissioned or under contract) will be entitled

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