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2 OS PEOCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. lows, commencing with 1868 : 534 ; 557 ; Y87 and 947 — an increase of 77 per cent, during the period mentioned. Developmental diseases (or those arising from abnormal action of the formative, reproductive, or nutritive processes) produced combivent inhaler 1,763 deaths, or 6| per cent, of the whole : 888 were in infants newly horn ; 312 in women ; 333 were due to senile decay ; and 230 to atrophy and asthenia. These figures were somewhat in excess over the previous year. Finally, the deaths from violent causes amounted to 1,303, or 5 per buy combivent inhaler cent, of the whole, against 1,000 in the previous year. The increase was owing principally to the July riot, which caused 53 deaths, and the "Westfi.eld ex^^losion, combivent dosage 82. 1,070 deaths were ascribed to accident and negligence ; 65 to homi- cide ; 114 to suicide ; and one was a judicial execution. Of the total number of deaths, 7,994 occurred among in- fants less than one year old ; 10,700 among those less than two years old ; and 12,970 among children less than live years old ; the last being 40 per cent, of the total mortality. In 1870, the deaths among such children were equal to 49 per cent, of the whole ; in 1869 to 51 per cent. ; in 1868 combivent dose to 52J per cent. ; and in 1867 to 53 per cent. Altogether, therefore, between 1867 and 1871, there has been a gain among children less than five years old of 13 per cent, upon the total mortality. There were 1,296 deaths among persons 70 years old and up- ward, a gain of 74 combivent coupons upon the previous year ; 14 were reputed to have been 100 years old or more, of whom 3 w^ere males and 11 females. Respectfully submitted, Chas, p. Russel, M. D,, Chairman Com. on Diseases. ayjjTnopLASTY in conjunctival and coenEiU. affections. De. H. Althof read a paper entitled " Clinical Notes on Diseases of Conjunctiva and Cornea." Its main object was to call attention to an important element, hitherto rather neg- lected, in the tlierapeutics of these affections, viz., the combivent coupon di- minishing of the pressure of the lids upon the globe. After a review combivent price of the present methods of treating the more serious forms of conjunctival disorder — granular lids, diphtheria. PEOCEEDIXGS OF SOCIETIES. 299 blennorrlioea, etc. — all of combivent inhalers them only partially under the con- trol of the physician, it entered more directly upon its special subject. Thus far, three different procedures had been occasionally followed for the combivent mdi purpose of relieving the ball of the eye from excessive pressure, viz. : incisions or excisions of chemotic con- junctiva ; removal of a triangular piece of skin (down to the muscle) from the upper lid ; and splitting of the outer angle. This last method undoubtedly suited best ; but its good effect was very transitory, the wound healing up in too short a time (a couple of houi-s) to give any permanent relief If, there- fore, a way could be found to modify this remedy, so as to make its results lasting, the therapeutic means at our disposal would receive a valuable addition. This Dr. Althof thought to have been found in the little operation known under the name of combivent nebulizer canthoplasti/ — the splitting combivent inhaler coupons of the external commissure down to tlie conjunctival sac, and careful uniting of the con- junctiva to the outer integument. The results of this simple procedure had been very favorable, a large number of cases combivent inhaler coupon at present testifying to its efficiency. It had rapidly become popular in our great infii-maries, and was now, after five years' trial, cheap combivent considered by American ocu- lists a very welcome remedy in combivent neb cases which had baffled the most skilful efforts, and in diseases against which the buy combivent pre- vailing treatment was almost powerless. Granular lids, and phlyctenular conjunctivitis and keratitis, furnished the great majority combivent cost of cases in which canthoplasty might be employed with advantage — to cut off' acute attacks, to diminish the number of relapses or combivent inhaler price prevent them altogether, and to give other remedies a better chance for effecting a perfect cure. In genuine diphtheria the doctor thought it almost indispensable ; and blennorrhoea in its most acute and destructive forms lost most of its dangers. De. H. D. combivent udv Kotes agreed with Dr. Althof in his high estimate of the operation of canthoplasty. It had become as much a sine qua non in the treatment of trachoma as had iridectomy in that of glaucoma and diseases of tlie iris. The remarks upon diphtheritic conjunctivitis had espe- ciallv interested him from tlie fact buy combivent online that he liad, within three 300 PEOCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. weeks, had in his practice four cases of the affection, one of them very severe, involving the ocular as well as the palpe- bral conjunctiva. Up to six months ago his experience had furnished him with but few examples of this disease. Since that time he had had perhaps a dozen ; and he believed the occurrence of these cases ui such close succession was coinci- dent with an unusual prevalence of scarlet fever, and of croupous affections generally. As to the therapeutics of conjunctival disorders, there was less need of discovering new means of treatment than of learn- ing precision in the application of those now known ; for their

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