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The paper concludes with full details of three other cases of locomotor deficiency, of a diflerent sort from those com- monly described under this disease. I have no space Cheap Biaxin for saying more regarding them than that " the first arises not so mucli from loss of power as from disease of the power-storing centres, showing itself as instability of the latent force Biaxin Buy Online ; the second from loss of power, and prol)al)ly from degeneration of the cells to produce it ; and the third partly from debility, partly from dis- order of sensation, acting on a weak intellect. In the first 3IENTAL SCIENCE IjST GEE AT BRITAIN-. 269 there is ?.taxia, in tlie last two tliere is none ; bnt the first has an ataxia of a different intimate nature, probably, from that producing the locomotor disease, which- has, for a prominent feature, a running away of the nervous force which ought to be stored up till the will requires it." Dr. Thompson Dickson, one of the physicians to the In- firmary for Epilepsy and Paralysis, has contributed Biaxin Order three re- markable cases of le petit mal to the Medical Times. They are of interest as illustrations of the extreme mobility of some nervous systems, when brought within the influence of very slight subjective impressions. Two of the patients were young ladies of an age between fifteen and sixteen, and the other was a boy twelve years old. In all the cases the operation of vaccination induced the attack. In the first case, just as Dr. Dickson began to scarify the arm, the girl, whose physical and mental development are good, became ashy white, and the next instant unconscious, and fell forward on a table against which she was standing. Al- most the next moment she stood up, gazed vacantly around her, and re-presented her arm. When asked what was the matter, she said " she did not know, she only felt a little faint." Three or four years previously she had had a fit, but experienced Order Biaxin no sort of attack in the intervening time. "This girl's mother," says Dr. Dickson, "is epileptic; I have known the mother to be in the Purchase Biaxin status ejpilejpticus for twenty-four hours at a time. This child, however, was born before the malady had shown itself in the mother. But a brother of the mother was insane, and a maternal uncle of the Biaxin Antibiotics mother was an epileptic ; thus in the third generation the hereditary predisposition has, at an early age, become mani- fest in the development of a highly-mobile organization, Biaxin Xl 500mg and, though the positive manifestations have been but slight, the consequences hereafter may be very great." The second case occurred in the other girl, in whom the signs of puberty are incomplete, though her physical develop- ment is rapidly maturing. She, however, partakes more of the child and less of the woman than^my first case. " The ex- treme mobility of this young lady's nervous system I was quite aware of, and I was more than ordinarily struck with 270 EECENT CONTEIBUTIOIS'S TO an observation I made upon it a few days Biaxin 500 Mg before I vaccinated her. I was dining one evening at her father's house, and she pLajfully asked me to mesmerize her, and I, willing to gratify and amnse the child, made an attempt to do so, but for some time without any effect. After some minutes she laughed, saying, ' It is impossible to influence me ; ' but within the next minute she was almost completely under the nervous in- fluence. Of course, I instantly desisted, and refrained from pushing the experiment further; but I Biaxin Cost noted the extreme sud- denness with which her nervous organization had changed from a state of great excitement to one of very passive con- trol. But to return. "While vaccinating her, just as I had ■ completed the scarification of the skin, I observed her tm-n deathly pale, and the next instant she fell Biaxin Xl 500 into the arms of her mother, who was standing by. Her mother placed her on the floor, and for about forty seconds the patient was death-like and motionless; she was Buy Biaxin then seized with a convulsion, in which all the flexors were thrown into spasm (the fit exactly resembled one of the eclamptic attacks I have often produced in guinea-pigs by section of the spinal cord). She then turned on her right side, and then sat up, asking what the matter was. I gave her my hand, and she stood up, looked round the room, and again asked what the matter was. I desired her to lie down on a sofa, which she refused to do, saying, 'I'm all right.' She was, however, easily persuaded, and, when lying down, said, ' I hope I have not had a fit.' On questioning her, she told me that she had a headache, and felt giddy and confused, and that it was not the first time tliat Biaxin Online she had felt so, tliough she had never Biaxin Antibiotic told anybody. A few days afterward I learned from her that she is subject to frequent attacks Biaxin Xl of vertigo, and to occasional headache of an almost overpowering kind. She is a girl of very brilliant intellect, and possessed of abilities of a very high order ; she Biaxin Price has extraor- dinary vivacity. At the same time, she is devoted to read- ing and study, and will brood over books for many hours to- gether. I learned, too, that she was occasionally subject to somnambulism ; and I also learned that a brother of her mother Antibiotics Biaxin had Antibiotic Biaxin died insane. A sister of my patient died of cere- bral disease wdiich had manifested itself as epilepsy ; and her MEIS"TAL SCIETTCE IN GREAT BRITAIN 27 1 father, altliough a man of large mental calibre, is the subject of vertigo. I have not been able to Biaxin 500 learn for certain whether Biaxin 500mg the taint extended back to a former generation (the subject is one of extreme delicacy with the family), but the mother hinted to me on one occasion that her grandfather was at one time insane."

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