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264 EECEXT COXTEIBUTIOIS^S TO return to the ward after an absence of lialf an lionr, he had died ten minutes ago.' " Dr. Moxon adds that he was led to employ the cold bath, in this case, through the belief " that patients, in cerebral rheu- benicar generic name matism with benicar hcl intense fever, die of the heat immediately ; in- deed, are, in a way, seethed to death in their own fluid." In a case in which the temperature was 109°, the patient was or- benicar alternatives dered to be bled, and died during the operation ; in another case where the temperature was 104.5°, and the patient was becoming excited, frequent doses of brandy ( 5 j for a dose) were administered, but the temperature rose rather than fell. Hence he was led to the benicar hct prices trial of the benicar savings card heroic treatment adopted in the present instance ; and " the history of the case shows an immediate, decided, and great relief from the use of the cold bath, all the active symptoms disappearing with the fall in temperature. It benicar hct tablets is true this benefit was only temporary, but so was the remedy ; and though, when the remedy was repeated, a less eflfect was obtained, yet it will be seen that the patient was then so far gone that the house-physician did not think it safe to reduce his temperature below 103.5°, itself a temperature of high fever with delirium. The use of cold suddenly to such an extent was determined on in this case partly on account of the urgency of tlie case, and partly because it seemed to me desirable to get the effect of it de- cidedly, so that as little doubt of its efficacy as possible should remain in the minds of those who saw the trial. But it is possible that an equally good effect would be more surely and safely obtained by cold sponging or continuous cool bath. As we know that such a temperature as we were dealing with actually causes the white blood-corpuscles to cease their move- ment? and contract closely, while at 113° some elements of the blood begin to coagulate, it is certainly necessary to pre- vent the temperature reaching these heights by all possible means, and, we do possess entirely efficient means." [As tlie words carj)Jiology and carphosi may be new to many of our readers, I may observe that they benicar generic alternative seem to refer to " picking at the bedclothes," there being a Greek verb, Kap(j>o\oy€(o, which has that meaning. — G. E. D.] benicar canada In the Britisli Medical Journal of the same date Dr. Wilson Fox reports two similar cases buy cheap benicar of hyper] >yrcxia in acute MENTAL SCIENCE EST GEEAT BRITAIlSr. 265 rheumatism, treated by cold applications. In one of these the temperature was 110°, and in the other 107.3° — there being deep coma in the former, and delirium in the latter. In the former case there was, on the fourteenth day of ill- ness, a rise of 8° within twelve hours. Ice-water, poured over the body, and ice applied to the chest, abdomen, and spine, reduced the temperature within an hour to 97.4°. The treat- ment by cold, in various forms, was continued for four days. This patient (a woman) from that time gradually improved. In the latter case delirium set in, with a rise of temperature to 107.3° on the seventeenth day benicar equivalent of the disease. A bath at 86°, of twenty minutes' duration, reduced the cost of benicar hct temperature in an hour by 9.5°. Cold applications, consisting of baths, ice to the spine, and packing in wet sheets wi'ung out of iced water, and changed every half hour, were continued for seven days. Dr. Fox observes that no treatment is nearly so efficacious in arresting the rapid rise of temperature as the present plan ; and that, of the methods employed for buy generic benicar the reduction benicar hct cost of tem- perature, total immersion in a bath of from 60° to 80° is the most successful ; but that it requires caution, because the fall of temperature persists long after removal from the bath to bed. Dr. Nicol has contributed to the West Riding Lunatic Asylum Reports a paper benicar generic equivalent of considerable value, and of much ingenuity, on "Progressive Locomotor Ataxia, and some other Forms of Locomotor Deficiency, as found in the Insane." Lie begins by giving in detail six cases in which these diseases were combined. It will be sufficient if I give the brief com- mentary he appends to the series : " In the first of these cases it is noticeable that the form of mental disorder was at first in the direction of depression. The man had lost his employment owing to his advancing blindness, and a master whom he had long served died about that time, so that he had no resource but the workhouse, and there he became melancholic. In this state he was admitted to the asylum, but he does not appear to have continued long in a very depressed frame of mind. In October, 1869, a year and a half after admission, the melancholia seems benicar uk to have left 266 EECENT COKTEIBUTIOIS^S TO only its traces in a delusion of benicar discount card a liypoehondriacal nature. By this time symj)toms of ataxia were observable, and he became generic name for benicar unable to stand. At the time of examination again his spirits were good, almost expansive in character ; he was voluble, and spoke about getting better in an eager, hopeful manner. There is, therefore, in this order benicar online case a decided transition in the mental state as the ataxia becomes developed, and the change is from depression to exaltation. In the second case ataxia is present to a great degree, and with it are delusions of an expansive nature, bearing the character of mental exaltation. In the third case there is benicar htc again a state of mental exaltation with the ataxia. In the fourth case neither the bodily nor the mental symptoms are of a sort easily defined ; the former

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