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the nose, and so preventing respiration until deglutition has taken place — is so well known, and has been so Purchase Avelox fully described by Dr. Williams, in the Journal of Mental Science, that it is unnecessary here to describe it. Neither need the method of feeding, which Dr. H. Tuke practises, by means of a catheter passed through the nose, and entering the stomach — a plan which is not altogether free from danger — be detailed at length. Feeding Avelox 400 Mg Price through the nose has very rarely been found MENTAL SCIENCE IN GREAT BRITAIN. 257 necessary in the "West Kiding Asylum, and almost every case is easily managed with the stomacli-pnmp, as it is employed there. There are different ways of using the stomach-pnmp ; and, first, as to the position in wliicli the patient is placed. Dr. Blandford, in his recently-published " Lectures on Insanity and its Treatment," has described minutely Generic For Avelox the method by which violent patients were fed by Dr. Stevens, of St. Luke's Hospital. He, as is generally done, had the patient seated in an arm-chair, and restrained in that position Avelox Strong Antibiotic by means of sheets, which rendered him incapable of any sudden move- ment, by being passed round the body and legs, and then drawn through the arms and legs of the chair. The chief ad- vantage of the upright position is, that there is little risk of choking, should there be any regurgitation of the food while the stomach-pump is being used, as what fluid is returned readily passes out of the mouth, and the patient can again respire freely. In cases where there is not much resistance offered, this position is, perhaps, preferable to any other ; but if the patient is very strong, and resists vigorously, it is almost impossible to hold him quiet in a chair by any means, which, however, can be easily done if he is placed in the supine posi- tion upon a bed, and held by a sufficient number of assistants, and that without any risk of bruising or inflicting any injury. The recumbent position is the one in which patients are al- ways fed at the West Riding Asylum ; and, notwithstanding the frequency with which the stomach-pump has to be used, among nearly 1,500 inmates, there has been no accident from choking, nor any untoward result whatever ; and, indeed, this position seems to be as safe as the upright, provided the oeso- phageal tube is withdrawn, if the food is returned by the side of the tube to any extent. Moreover, whether the patient is in the upright or recumbent position, it i& generally found to be useless to go on sending food into the stomach after it has commenced to reject it ; so that, in either case, the tube should be withdra^vn when this occurs, to prevent the whole being returned by vomiting. The great advantage of having the patient completely overpowered, and held perfectly quiet, is obvious, seeing that there Avelox Generic Equivalent is Avelox Generic then no struggling or resistance, 17 258 EECENT CONTRIBUTIONS TO and, tlie abdominal muscles being thus Printable Avelox Coupon set at rest, there is much less chance of vomiting ; whereas, if there is Avelox 400 Mg Dosage much struggling, the breath is held in, the Generic Avelox diaphragm and the ab- dominal muscles are in a state of tension, and what is forced into the stomach by the pump is as speedily rejected. The patient being in position, and held by attendants, the mouth has to be opened by one or other of the various forms of. gags. The gag most frequently employed is the one with which the ordinary stomach-pump case is furnished, and con- sists of a straight piece of wood with a hole in the centre of it, Avelox Generic Name Coupon For Avelox through which the tube is passed. Though this gag is Buy Avelox almost in general use, there are several objections to it, and, for this reason, in the West Riding Asylum the mouth is always opened by one of the screw-keys, of whicli there are man}'' varieties, and the wooden gag is dispensed with. These in- struments should 1)6 light but strong, and the screw should be tolerably quick in its action, not for the purpose of forcing open rapidly jaws that are firmly clinched, but for the pur- pose of quickly taking advantage of any voluntary separation on the part of the patient. An instrument of this kind is easily applied, as it can be inserted wherever there is an open space between the teeth, and the mouth is then Avelox Online readily opened by turning the screw ; no matter with what determination it is shut. When the mouth has been opened, the key should be committed to an assistant, whose only duty should be to hold it in its place ; and this there is no difficulty in doing, as the head is held perfectly steady. In this way the greatest free- dom is afforded in passing the CBSophageal tube, and the finger may be inserted to give the tube the necessary inclination, Avelox Iv and guide it over the root of the tongue into the oesophagus, should there be any difficulty in passing it. The calibre Bayer Avelox of the 03sophageal tube depends upon the size of the pump that is used. Too large a one is of no advantage whatever, and is decidedly objectionable on account of its in- flexibility, and the difficulty with which it adapts itself to the curved passage which it lias to traverse, though it may be considered the safest because it cannot enter the larynx or produce laceration of the parts so easily. A medium-sized tube, open at the end, and without a wooden point, besides being JIEN^TAL SCIEIfCE IN GREAT BRITAIN. 259 introduced more readily, gives a freer passage for the fluid than Avelox 400mg Tablets one of large calibre, with two small opeuino-g a little distance from the extremity. In passing the tube there is sometimes a little pressure required to make it enter the Cheap Avelox oesophagus, on account of its having to follow Buy Avelox Online a slightly obtuse curve, Avelox Antibiotic 400mg and coming in contact with the bodies of the vertebrte

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