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The pyramids are congested. There is a uniform increase of connective tissue between the tubes. The tubes are unaltered or somewhat nan'owed. Granular atrophy is more common. The kidney is atro- phied. The capsule is very adherent. Atorvastatin Vs Rosuvastatin The surface is uneven and nodulai*. The change of the lymj)hatic cells into Atorvastatin Ca con- nective tissue is accompanied by fatty degeneration of the cells. In the ati'ophied spots the tubes and glomeruli become mpervious. The tubes contain hyaline casts. The basement membrane of the atrophied tubes becomes thick and fibrous. The glomeruli are atrophied, their capsules thickened, their vessels obliterated. The larger arteries are thickened. Glomerulo-nephritis. — Klebs gives this name to a form of disease which he has observed in scarlatina cases. The kid- neys are of medium size, the capsule not adherent, the sur- face smooth, the parenchyma congested. There are no changes except in the glomeruli. These appear as Atorvastatin Ppt opaque, white points. On minute examination, it is found that there are large numbers of small, rounded cells Atorvastatin And Fenofibrate about the loops of the Malpighian tuft, while the epithelium of the capsule is unaltered. Amyloid degeneration is described in much the same way as by other authors. llindfleisch describes : 1, Acute Parenchymatous NejyKritis. — In the Atorvastatin Calcium Tablets milder form the kidney is of normal size, the surface smooth, the cortex of a yellowish-gray color. There is a moderate degree of Sandoz Atorvastatin cloudy swelling of the epithelium of the convoluted tubes. In the severer form the kidney has the same a])pearancc, but is increased in size and the cortex thickened. Both these forms occur with the acute exanthemata, ty- phus, pya3raia, Atorvastatin Canada etc. 2. Diffuse Interstitial Nejphritis. — This corresi)onds very closely with the description given by Klebs, He states that the disease may begin as a parenchymatous nephritis, and afterward become interstitial, but that the tM"0 rms also occur independently of cac-h other. Atorvastatin Calcium Generic CHEOiaC DIFFUSE NEPHEITIS. 247 Amyloid degeneration is usually accompanied by intersti- tial nephriti?. The amyloid degeneration is the primary change, and the nephritis follows it as a secondary lesion. Kosenstein, who has written the most complete Atorvastatin Tablets Ip 10 Mg and Discount Atorvastatin best monograph on kidney diseases, describes : 1. ChroniG Congestion of the Kidney. — This condition is described in much the same way as by the preceding authors, lie brings under this class, however, not only the kidneys ■ which are congested by heart-disease, but those which are con gested by the presence of the pregnant uterus. The cases in which kidney-disease did not exist anterior to the pregnancy are cases of congestion, not of inflammation of the kidney. 2. Catarrhal Nejphritis. — The kidney is of normal size, or slightly enlarged ; in severe cases congested Atorvastatin Trials and mottled Rosuvastatin Vs Atorvastatin with small ecchymoses. The process begins at the apices of the pyramids, which are at first congested, afterward pale. After a time we find the j)yi*amids divided into red and white striie, running from the apex to the base of the pyramids. The red striae are the portions more recently congested ; the white are the tubes distended by an increase of epithelium. The urine contains a little albumen, hyaline, granular and epithelial casts, Atorvastatin Pharmacokinetics and blood-globules. The symptoms during life arc not marked. The lesion is seldom primary. It may follow catarrhal inflammation of the urethra, bladder, or ureters Atorvastatin Generic Availability ; the use of cantharides, copaiba, and cubebs, typhoid and typhus fever, cholera, etc. 3. Diffuse Nephritis^ Parenchymatous Wejyhntis, BrigMs Disease, Granular Degeneration of the Kidney. — This form has three stages. The first stage is that of hypersemia. The kidney is of normal size, or enlarged, congested, and red ; there are ecchy moses in the tubes, and swelling of the epithelium of the con voluted tubes. The second stage is that of exudation. The kidney is en- larged, the cortex pale, the pyramids Teva Atorvastatin red. The epithelium of the Atorvastatin Spc convoluted tubes is swollen and crannlar. The tubes are dilated and contain casts. There is usually an increase of cells in the interstitial tissue, The third stage is that of atrophy. The kidney becomes smaller, its surface nodular. The atroj)hy may take place 2 48 CHEOisric diffuse nephritis. without any change Atorvastatin Brand Names in the interstitial tissue, simply as a result of Atorvastatin Fenofibrate the destruction of the epithelium. Usually, however, the retraction of the new interstitial tissue assists in producing the atrophy. The epithelium is granular Atorvastatin Calcium 10 Mg or fatty. The Malpighian bod- ies are atrophied, their capsules thickened and surrounded

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