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Academy of Medicine, after brief illness : Eesohed^ That this Academy is called upon to mourn the loss of a Fellow who was early identified with its interests, and to the close of life active in the promotion of its welfare. Besolved, That, in the various ofBcial positions to which he was elected by his colleagues, he has exhibited integrity of character, and contributed by his assiduous labors in elevating generic drug amitriptyline the Academy to its present position among scientific associations. JSesohed, That his contributions to medical literature, enriched as they were by amitriptyline cost canada practical conclusions derived from clinical observation in hospitals and infirmaries which he had long and faithfully served, will remain per- manent monuments to his professional industry and ability, especially in the department of cutaneous medicine, to which he particularly devoted himself, and in which he had long been considered an expert. Besolved, That, while this Academy thus bears witness to his eminence as a physician, it also records its recognition of the fact average cost amitriptyline that both in his public and private life he exhibited the traits of character which con- spicuously mark the Christian gentleman. liesoh-cd, That, as a tribute of respect to his memory, the Fellows of this Academy attend his funeral on the 7th inst., and tliat amitriptyline online uk a copy of these resolutions be presented to his family, and published in the medical and daily journals. Edmund buy generic amitriptyline K. Peaslee, M. D., President. William T. White, M. D., Secretary. At a special meeting of the Medical Society of the County of New York, held January Y, 1872, at the chapel of the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian Church, the following preamble and resolutions, presented by cheap amitriptyline online Dr. AVilliam C. Roberts, were unanimously adopted : 224 OBITUAKY. WJiercas, It has pleased the All-Wise Disposer of amitriptyline online purchase human events to take unto Himseli" the soul of owv departed friend, associate, and professional brother, Henry D. Bulkley, M. D. amitriptyline cost in uk : therefore — Resolved, That, while expressing its profound generic amitriptyline hcl sorrow at the severance of the tie that has so long bound them, the Medical Society of the County of New York is desirous of placing on record its high appreciation of Dr. Bulkley's services as its former President, elavil generic amitriptyline his eminence as a practitioner of medicine, and his virtues as a Christian and a man. Resolved^ That Dr. Bulkley's life-long labors in the cause of medical science, as an editor, writer, teacher, and as physician to the New York Hospital, and to how much does amitriptyline cost several other charitable and benevolent medical institu- tions in this citj', have entitled his buy cheap amitriptyline name to be long and affectionately cher- ished in the memories of his professional brethren and of tho public; while his erudition, genial courtesy, strict integrity, and observance of medical ethics, had acquired for him the respect, and esteem of all who knew him. Resolved^ Tliat, in the demise of the late Dr. H. D. Bulkley, this So- ciety, and the profession generally, are called upon to mourn the loss of a distinguished member; and the public, of a righteous man, a kind friend, and faithful amitriptyline cost without insurance servant and physician. . Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to amitriptyline online no prescription tlie family of the d«2coased, and published in the medical and daily journals. (Signed) Abraham Jacoei, M. D., President. Bradford S. TnoMPSojf, M. D., Gorresjyonding Secretary. At a meeting of the New York Medical and Surgical So- ciety, held January 13, 1872, tlie fullowing resolutions, offered by Dr. A. C. Post, were unanimously adopted : Resolved, That this Society has heard, with profound regret, of tho death of Dr. Henry D. Bulkley, one of its original members. Resolved, That we cherish his memory as that of an earnest and diligent worker in the promotion of medical science, and in the advancement of tho healing amitriptyline hcl generic elavil art. Resolved, That our amitriptyline costochondritis long association with him has deepened our con- viction of tlie excellence of his character as a faithful and conscientious physician, as a true and cost of amitriptyline 25mg warm-hearted friend, and as a pure and upright man in amitriptyline online all the relations of life. Resolved, That we sympathize with his family in their bereavement, and that we rejoice, with them, tliat he was cheered in his dying hour by the hope of a blessed immortality. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the family of the deceased, and amitriptyline hydrochloride generic that they be published in the medical journals of this city. Thomas F. Cock, M. D., President. Robert AVatts, M. D., Secretary. k NEW YOKK MEDICAL JOURNAL: A MONTHLY EEGOBB OF

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