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ever, perform ovariotomy strictly according to the rules laid down by the English operators in their classical works ; and only after having attained the albenza 400mg same results should we venture to practically put into force our own ideas, in order to improve upon these. I had the good fortune to see Spencer Wells operate upon two complicated cases, and albenza 200 mg from them, as well as from oral communication with this remarkable man, I learned much. I constantly follow his precepts, knowing that he has long since thoroughly thought out and tested all that can hap- pen to myself. I shall willingly regard myself purchase albenza online during my lifetime as his scholar; and contented shall I be order albenza online if it falls to my lot, by means of this operation, to snatch from certain death one-half of the number of lives he has been enabled to save. Up to the present time I am tolerably contented with my results. I give here a short account of them, in order to en- courage the performance of these operations, and especially to inform the colleagues into whose hands these lines may fall that I have, personally, no reason for supposing that the re- sults attendant upon ovariotomy will be less cheering in Vi- enna than they are in London. 'Hitherto, I have performed it MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 215 nine times ; and of these patients only two have died, giving, therefore, only a mortality of 22.2 per cent. Tiie first four cases recovered one after another ; then two fatal cases occur- red, to be followed again by three recoveries. The first case is related in my Zurich " Chirurgische Klinik," and the sec- ond, third, and fourth cases in the " Chirurgische Klinik," published at Vienna in 1868. Medical Declaration respecting Alcohol. — The following dec- laration is published, signed by about two hundred and fifty of the leading medical men order albenza in London and the provinces : As can you buy albendazole over counter it is believed that the inconsiderate prescription of large quantities of alcoholic liquids by medical men for their patients has given rise, in many instances, to the formation of intemperate habits, the undersigned, while unable to abandon the use buy albenza of alcohol in the treatment of certain cases of disease^ are yet of the opinion that no medical practitioner should prescribe it without a sense of grave responsibility. They believe that alcohol, in Avhatever form, should be pre- scribed with as much care as any powerful drug, and that the directions for its use should be so framed as not to be inter- preted as a sanction for excess, can i get albendazole over the counter or necessarily for cheap albenza the continu- ance of its use when the occasion is past. They are also albenza price of opinion that many people immensely exaggerate the value of alcohol as an article of diet, and since no class of men see albenza online so much of its ill eiiects, and pos- sess such power to restrain its abuse, as members of their own profession, they hold that every medical practitioner is bound to exert his utmost influence to inculcate habits of great moderation in the use of alcoholic liquids. Being also firmly convinced that the great amount of drink- ing of alcoholic liquors among the working-classes of this country is one of the greatest evils of the day, destroying — albenza cost more than anything else — the health, happiness, and welfare of those classes, and neutralizing, to a large extent, the great industrial prosperity which Providence has placed within the reach of this nation, the undersigned would gladly support any wise legislation whicli would tend to restrict, Avithin proper limits, the use of alcoholic beverages, and gradually introduce habits of temperance. — Lancet. Dr. Lionel S. Beale protests against some of the state- ments of this declaration, and withholds his cignature, doubt- ing whether the public can be made temperate by such means. Dr. Anstie also declines to sign the declaration. 216 generic albenza MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. Prevalence of Small-pos purchase albenza in England. — We are about to make •a statement which, if it were not based upon stubborn un- deniable facts at this moment before us, we should certainly neither believe ourselves nor ask credence for in our pages, so lamentable is it and so discreditable to the intelligence of the people and rulers of this country. In the year 1870 there were registered in the mebendazole albendazole over counter seventeen principal cities and towns of Eng- land 1,259 deaths from small-pox; in the year just closed there have fallen victims to tliat disease albenza tablets in the same towns no less than 13,174 persons. The details for the several towns have been derived from a collation of the weekly returns for 1871, and are as follows : London, 7,876 fatal cases ; Portsmouth, 39 ; l^orwich, 215; Bristol, 45; Wolverhampton, 284; Birming- ham, 61; Leicester, 11 ; ISTottinghain, 144 ; Liverpool, 1,919 ; Manchester, 267 ; Salford, 227 ; Bradford, 5 ; Leeds, 43 ; Shef- field, 406 ; Hull, 57 ; Sunderland, 850 ; I'^'ewcastle-on-Tyne, G95. The proportion of fatal cases to the population of the seventeen towns taken in the aggregate was 18 per 10,000 ; the ratio buy albenza online in London buy cheap albenza was 24, in Norwich 30, in Liverpool 39, in Wolverhampton 41, in ]!*Tewcastle-on-Tyne54, and in Sun- derland 86. The highest small-pox mortality in London during the thirty-one years 1840-'70 was in 1863, when 2,012 fatal cases were registered ; in the subsequent seven years (1864-'70) the annual deaths were succsssivelj^ — 537, 646, 1,388, 1,332, 606, 273, and 958. albendazole albenza Last year they rose to the unprecedented num- ber of 7,876, whereof 2,400 occurred in the tirst, 3,241 in the second, 1,255 in the third, and 980 in the fourth quarters. This epidemic began in the latter weeks of 1870, and rose rapidly through the first quarter of 1871 until its maximum fatality was attained in the week ending 6th May, after which

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