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Post-inortem examination has proved these views actos 15 mg to be correct ; the advantage of an extensive thrombus is, however, counterbalanced by the fact that vessels isolated For a greater distance, and denuded of their sheath, become necrotic. In cases below the knee and elbow, Billroth considers torsion ad- visable, if not too near a larger branch. Appointments, Honors, etc. — Dr. Billod, chief physician to the Lunatic Asylum of the Seine, at Epinay-sur-Orge, has received from the inhabitants of his commune a gold medal, purchased by subscription, in recognition of his services dur- ing the siege of Paris. The Cross of the Legion of Honor has been sent by the French Government to Madame Pochet, of Havre, for services rendered during the w^ar. The honorary membership of the Royal Society of Sciences of Brussels actos price has been conferred on Sir James Paget and Sir William Fergus- son. Dr. Tilbury Fox has been made a member of the Leprosy Committee of the Royal College of Physicians. Mr. John Hilton has been elected President of the Pathological Society of London for the year 18Y2. A subscrijDtion is on foot among the cheap actos profession in Italy to strike a gold medal to be presented to Yirchow. M. Barth has been elected President of the Academy of Medicine, of Paris, for the present year. actos cost The degree of LL. D. has been conferred by the Faculty of Prince- ton College on Drs. Abraham Coles, of actos buy online Newark, and Hugh L. Hodge, of Philadelphia. Dr. Bamberger has been elected to the chair of Medicine in the University of Yienna, to sue- 1 MISCELLAISTEOUS AND SCLEl^^TEFIC NOTES. 213 ceed the late Prof. Oppolzer. Dr. Tyson has retired from the position of generic for actos Assistant Editor of the Philadelphia Medical Times. Dr. Thomas W. Evans, of Paris (an American), has been promoted to the rank of Commander in the Legion of Honor. Small-poz in Hamburg. — According to information fur- nished by the Hamburg Board of Health, there were in that city, from August 19 to November 18, 18T1, 5,707 cases of small-pox, with 1,047 deaths, 696 [cases remaining under generic actos treatment. The following are the statistics as regards vac- cination : Vaccinated. Unvaccinatod. Eecoveries actos 30 mg 2,954 1,010 Deaths 347 700 Cundurango in Gsrmany. — The curative powers of this root for cancer, on both sides of the Atlantic, begin buy cheap actos to be viewed in the light of another huge mare's-nest. The German papers have received a communication from Prussia House, to actos mg say that the reports of the English practitioners, applied to by the German embassy, go to deny entirely the curative power of the cundurango. — cost of actos Medical Tiraes and Gazette. InfaUible Cure for Chills. actos 45 mg — In Pleasanton, Texas, says the Commercial Advertiser, one Frank Polica, who had been afflicted with chills, until life had become a burden to him, vowed that, if he had another, he would kill himself. The next day lie felt the chill coming on, and before he could be prevented he put his pistol to his head and fired, killing him- self instantly. price of actos A Memorial to Jenner. — It is proposed to erect a memorial window in the old cliurch at Berkeley, Gloucestershire, Eng- land, to perpetuate the fame of Jenner, who lived and died in Berkeley. The sum of £500 is needed for the purpose, and the subscription-list is lieaded by the names purchase actos online of three earls. Antidote to Carbolic Acid. — Dr. T. Ilasemann, from numer- ous careful experiments, both chemical and medicinal, ad- vocates the use of a strong; solution of saccharate of lime, of 214 MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. course to be taken as soon as possible. — Medical Times and Gazette. Proposed Medical Congress. — The medical profession of Lyons are discussing the propriety of holding a congress in that city next year, and there is every probability that the scheme will actos generic name be carried out. — Lancet. f Billroth on Ovariotomy. actos tablets — This eminent surgeon, in his " Reminiscences," published in tlie Wiener Med. Wochen- solirift, says of ovariotomy : First of all, surgeons must dismiss from their minds that ovariotomy is a dangerous operation ; and, throngh the me- dium of well-informed practitioners, this conviction must make its way with the public. After ovariotomy, skilfully performed according to the rules of art, recovery actos online is the gen- eral rule, and a fatal issue the constantly-diminishing excep- tion. Comparing it witli some other operations, ovariotomy, taking the mass of cases, is order actos online shown by statistics order actos to be less dan- gerous than amputation of the thigh, disarticulation of the shoulder- and hip-joints, or excision of the hip or knee. Its danger is about the same as that of amputation of the arm, excision of the shoulder, partial excision of the jaw, lithoto- my in the young, and similar operations. We must, how-

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